Slide and star rating updates clears other field data

I am using a page with form elements - input text, star rating and slider.
Star rating and the slider components update the database right away with any changes to their value.

The issue is If the user enters text into a text input field and then makes a change to a slider field. As soon as the slider is updated, it immediately saves itself to the database and the changes to the text input are lost.

  1. I have not programmed any actions on the slider. The behavior seems to be built in.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be a way to fire an action on the input text boxes.

Is there a way around this? The only thing I can see is making an action on each slider/star component that updates all of the field values back to the database. This does not seem ideal. I have 10 sliders and 10 text inputs on the page. That is a lot of round trips to the database for 20 inputs.
Ideas or suggestions? Thanks

Hi @leroy_hack,

I’ve tried to reproduce your case in a sample app and could not see the effects you’re describing: when I change some logged-in User → TMP property with slider or star rating, the value in the input remains intact.

Could you possibly make a video with your setup and show this behaviour?

Best regards, Victor.

RPReplay-Final1626727755 (2)

The note field has text that has already been saved on the server and the user is editing the text.
The user adds text and then changes the slider.
It looks like the slider saves the data right away and requeries the page.
Same thing for the star rating.


Here is screenshot of the slider property panel. There are no actions programmed.

Other data points -
I am using Airtable as an external connection
The sliders and stars are not listed under form>inputs