Slider issue - Can't link it with other fields


Firstly awesome news about the marketplace. Thank you Adalo! I will definitely benefit from it.

My problem is. I cant get the slider to work. I want to change an input field or a label’s value based on the value of the slider. But I can’t get it to work. In the configuration settings of the slider I cant select the field. Doesn’t matter if it is a number field. I will appreciate any help.


@gertperdZA Indeed the slider will only work with number fields in a collection.

Are you saying that it still displays nothing even though you have a numbers field within a collection?

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your prompt reply. So I have created a custom form and just dropped the slider and added an input field on the form and I want to set the input field to the value of the slider so that i can store that value of the input field in my database. But the slider does not pick up the input field , even though it is a number field.

My idea is that i have a scoreboard application and i want the runs to be added using the slider. So that the user does not use the input box to add the score but use the slider instead but when i create an update form then it only gives me my fields in the input form and I cant cusomize the number field to be a slider for instance. That is why i went for the custom form where the update button will update the collection.

Unless you can walk me through how to implement this better.


I just discovered myself that the slider is currently limited to only being able to change the number property within the Users collection right now. It was a limitation I too was unaware of until now.


That is very sad that it is only limited to the Users collection. Do you perhaps know when this will be rolled out to other collections or even custom scenarios?

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i have same problem
we need Slider input

Sorry for the misnformation in my previous reply. I discovered what the problem was since I wrote that post.

Please be sure that the slider is located on a screen that is receiving data to that screen that contains a numerical property. Only then will the slider be able to manipulate data for that record.

The reason the user collection is always available is because it is information that is accessible within any screen.

Hi Colin, would you mind elaborate on the above reply? E.g. a brief video demonstration would be great :v:

Sure @sdcrtpro here it is:

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