Slider action calculating more fields


I am trying to perform a secondary action after a slider has tracked the field it is connected to, but I can’t find a way.


I have a collection with three integer fields, lets say unit price, quantity and total price. If I want to use a slider to track the quantity, and when the slider finishes sliding and quantity is updated, we then calculate the total price as unit price x quantity, how can I do that?

I know I can update a label or a text box etc, but how to actually update the db

I don’t want to require the user to leave the page either…


Hi @drh,

I assume you can display “total price” in a label on this page, using formula & taking values from 2 properties in the DB?
Then you could update the “total price” property value when user leaves the page. He/she needs to perform some action to leave the page, and you can update “total price” at this point.


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