My social media app is slow and laggy

It’s a lot more than a social media app. But essentially that’s a good way to frame it. I’ve noticed that the pages that are peoples/users profiles are slow to load and click the buttons. I was wondering a few things. A: is it going to get better once it’s on the App Store or worse as more people are on it? B: is there something i can look for to make it faster or is it just going to be that way because it is what it is? C: Is there a chance that the app will crash once published because if it’s kinda slow now once people are on it it will just collapse altogether? Is there a limit to the amount of people that adalo can support? Or once you build something and it works, it should work on the App Store as it was intended to be?

As you can see I’m just worried that it will be a disaster once people get their hands on it.

Any and all help would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Answering your questions here:

A: it doesn’t really make a difference between previewer and the native build, the app’s performance in general in okay, but that can also be determined by the device’s specifications

B: improving your app performance is for sure something to consider, you can check this forum for tips and trick to improve it.

C: The app might be slower and might crash if your database is not built properly to handle high requests.

If you’re aiming to have around 5k to 10k users, you need to make sure you’re doing things properly.

As someone who is an amateur. Could you elaborate a little more on how I can improve it through the ways you describe. Especially the part where you said that it needs to be built correctly if I’m aiming for 5 to 10k users. Because I am. Well way more than that.

Could you maybe take a look at my app? I’m sorry to bother but I think you can really see for yourself what needs to be fixed.

It’s just plain out slow on both! Once your app gets more data the more it slows down. They tell you to hire an expert, but yet one has resolved the issue for me!

Half of them never respond either or take their sweet time to get back to you! It’s awesome!

instead of them investing the time to actually fix the database latency issues. They want everyone to switch to xanno to speed up their databases or hire an expert!?

Yet the plans and mission statement they’re selling to us are for no-code developers!?

Here are my thoughts. I am not paying all this extra money for a third party services when I am already paying for a database that offers the same functionality. Also why should I switch to another database when I don’t need the extra stuff.

Also why should we have to spend more money on items we don’t need. I think it crazy we all pay a lot for apps to be slow and laggy which in turn give our users a bad experience and that’s why people can tell our app are “off brand” if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

Don’t get me wrong I think experts are great when you need help on something you’ve never designed or created yourself, but to send customers to an expert because the platform is slow is NOT the answer.

I have an inventory app with just over 3,000 items and my users only see their items which is an average of about 50 items per user. All my users complain because the app is so slow and takes forever to load their barley 50 items.

I’m not saying Adalo is not amazing but, I think they need to make our money WORTH IT. We pay a lot to publish apps that feel like a knock off.

Are all the images in your app screenshot uploaded by users? It could be that your app is slow because of the size of all the images. If you upload the images yourself it’s a good idea to compress them before uploading. Also, just to be sure: for the list component you have ‘only load & display visible items’ turned on right?

hello, do you know how to optimize the image before uploading through the Adalo database?

and which third party service can i choose to download content and display in adalo other than xano , i am worried that i am investing money in advertising my app but if it is high load it will be slow and users will have a bad experience, i had a problem with image slider crashing before, Adalo support can’t fix it, and if it’s only me, they don’t see it as a problem and don’t fix it

I don’t know about Xano, sorry. Before I manually upload a photo I just use Tinypng, that’s all.

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