SMS notification of booking?

I have a simple appointment app I have created with a form for the customer to complete. This then goes to a screen telling the booker that they will get an email to connfirm the booking.

On pressing button “submit booking” by the customer I would like to send a single fixed simple message via sms or email when the submit button is pressed to the owner of the app (my Client) so they know to respond to the booking if they are not at their computer all the time.

Anyone know if this is possiible and how to go about it ?

Many thanks guys

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This is completely possible. You will need to perform a Custom Action to make a request to an external API service such as SendGrid (for email) or Twilio (for SMS).

Hi Colin

Thats great thanks, but I cant see if it works ok with the custom actions without signing up to the monthly yearly plan first !

Many thanks

Well yes, it’s a very powerful feature and that is why it is available on the paid plan :slight_smile: as there are also costs associated to it that we have to account for and pay :slight_smile:

Hi Colin,
Thats great and thanks for the support. Maybe I dont really understand the objective of an APP (Just asking) but it seems that most apps are about users interacting with the app and each other etc rather than the App acting as a source of marketing leads in the same way a website or Email does? or maybe a Shop like a takeaway ?

What I mean is The database is a rich source of information but in Adalo there is no built in “control panel” to search and locate this marketing information or reply back to customers via their mobiles to confirm appointments manually etc (but I take on board what you say about paid plan and SMS/Email)

Forgive me if I am wrong but still getting my head around Adalo

For example when I set up a search page with login credentials so its private for the App owners I get results of the search field ok ( in this case people who booked something with the 25th Nov in the field) but the app owner cant access the actual records in full ? Also the App owner cant search the Actual Database (the red records) for this date as you can only search the name field it appears? I expected to be able to click the result icons, and go to the full record but it appears no ?

Many thanks Colin

PS this is the app I created for booking garage services

You can acces to all the data through the admin panel of the app inside the database, even when there is an appointment made on the app, it’s save on the database.

You can also push data to any third party app to display it and acces more easily if you want, like Airtable.

Hi Josseln,

I dont Fully understand what you are saying? I understand that via the Adalo Interface I can access the Database and then access the records. But you cant do a search in the Red records for a specific field, you can only search the records for the Name field as any other field says not found ?

Or am I missing something basic?

I need to search for a specific date that was booked for a Garage Service. So when say… a year has gone by, I can search and know all the people to contact to tell them to come in as another service is due

Like that …

I can then use sendgrid to send them an email saying “Your last service was done on the 25th on Nov 2020 and you need to book your next service now”

I was advised to get this info of the people who booked a service on X Date ? I should create a search screen, which I have and sure enough it searched for the date and brought up the customer name but no record data about the date ? so that is not a lot of help to me

Best Regards

Hi Colin

I think I am most of the way there as I can now tell how long its been since the last MOT inspection for a given customer,

Now all I have to do is figure out how to create an action to display the full record on clicking the customer icon

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