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Hi, all!

I’m just about done with a social media app that I am designing.

It’s going to be an image focused app. I know very little about API’s and how to use them (although I can learn) Should image storage be done offsite on a site like Wasabi or will something like that take too long to load images?

With Adalos pricing structure it doesnt seem like keeping everything on the Adalo DB would work since even the highest plan is only 20 GB.

Thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Just bumping this in case anyone has any ideas or insight, thanks!

When you’re talking about 20Gb of data, this is a lot, which the biggest apps in Adalo has never reached that number, and even if you do you can buy more storage

20GB of pictures doesnt seem like much for a social media app though.

You can buy more storage

Does it say anywhere how much that is?

Is it cost effective?

Sites like Wasabi charge $6 per TB of storage.

I just dont know how much using something like and an API would slow the app down.

Hi @Bobby,

If you would like a dedicated storage for your images, you can explore using services like Cloudinary.
There were quite a lot of posts on the forum about Cloudinary integrations. Though this will require some API knowledge and may be (in some cases) creating some scenarios in Integromat.

Best regards, Victor.


Hi @Victor,

Would you happen to know the file size of the stored image in Adalo? Depending on that I may not need to use an outside service. I see they compress the image.


Hi @Bobby,

As I remember the images are not being modified upon upload. So the size will be the same as on clients’ device.

However, Adalo uses ImgIX as CDN for image delivery, so you can deliver images to users’ devices with some modifications (compressed, reduced sizes, etc. - I’ve made a video about that some time ago).

Best regards, Victor.

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I thought they were, maybe the auto compress here means just the image when viewed in the DB

Where can I find your video(s)?

Here is the link: Adalo hints and tricks: Image manipulation with ImgIX - YouTube


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