[SOLVED] Calendar component - how to display items with only one date


I am building a “journal” and want to use the calendar component to show a calendar with all the user’s journal entries. I set the start and end dates of the calendar to use the Created date of my journal item, but that doesnt seem to work as I see no dots on the calendar even when there are journal items created for that day.

Anyone can guide me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

OK I figured this out. In case anyone else has this use case, here is how I solved it:

  • created a new date time field and set it to get automatically set to “5 minutes ago”.
  • then in the calendar settings, I picked the starting time for event to be this new field, and the end time to be the created date which is automatically added.
  • as these two times are now 5 min apart, my journal entries appear on the calendar.