Some data is missing when I link pages


I have a problem with my adalo app.
Indeed, I’m creating a marketplace app. The problem is that I can’t use the data of a collection of my database.

In the home screen, I click on a product:

Then I reach the product page. The problem is that I can’t use the data which is on the “product” Collection, in which I have: the name of the product, the description, etc. I only can use the linked collections linked to the “product” collection:

And when I click on the product owner photo to see his profile, I can’t display all his products :

The link action to go to the Product owner profile is missing the current product and I don’t know why.

I don’t understand why because all of the linked collection of the product collection are not missing. Only the current product collection.

The product collection on my database is like that. In yellow the data which are not missing.

I have this kind of problem in a lot of pages.
Any advices ?

Thank you very much !

Hi @Test_boutique76 ,

You could try to decrease the number of collection to send in available data, if it still persist then have a support ticket submitted.

Thanks @Yongki ! It worked

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