Somebody changed my project

Hi there,
Since Adalo support is not responsive at all, posting it here.
I know, it would sound ridiculous, but somebody changed the screen in my project without my allowance. My funny cat picture and list of achievements with all “sometimes visible” logic was replaced by perfume picture.

I never shared the passwords with anyone and I’m the only one team member in my project.
Is there a way for me to get the logs of the changes for my project to understand who did that?

Hope it was done by the admin and could be just a human mistake
Otherwise, the security of my information really bothers me.

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This is really scary. I had a situation where I refreshed the page while working in Adalo backend and suddenly I was seeing a strange screen I never created among my screens, just floating unconnected in the work area. Couldn’t figure out how that could have happened.

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Yeh, @base1 that’s strange!
Once again, I hope that it was just a human mistake, maybe the admin did it accidentally thinking that he is modifying test account or so.
But I want to be sure I could restore my data if needed. And that they have at least the logs to describe this.

Es muy preocupante lo que te paso!

SAW down the alley :fearful:

FYI. I got answer from support regarding change of my project:

"In regards to the changing of the home screen, it looks like what happened was the changes were actually made while we experienced our outage last weekend & when the saving error was resolved & re-processed all the changes made, it had caught up & made it seem like you did not make the changes.

The only people that have access to your app are you & of course the Adalo team so we can help troubleshoot issues — although we do not make changes to apps on behalf of our customers"

Hope we wouldn’t have such an outages in the future. And now I do remember the joke:
People are divided into those who back up their files and who ALREADY back up the files :rofl:

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