Someone tested this component?

Hi everyone !

Someone has tested this component from the Marketplace ? ( Counter input )

I want to create a little app to deliver some groceries at night and I want to know if it work great before any purchase

Sorry for my approximativ english and please have a good day :wink:

Yes I have purchased it, it is working well on web, but !!! on native app once installed on android or IOS the + - buttons are not appearing (invisible) so you cannot press the buttons
I have contacted the developer and he said that he fixed it and submitted it but still not proceeded by Adalo team to update it in the market, as you see it is still updated 3 month ago

I also opened a ticket with Adalo regarding the same but they are still working on it and did not update me yet


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Thank you for your feedback ! :wink:

Guys what you’ll think? :eyes:


@dilon_perera, Great!

I see competition from component makers as a good thing, but feel sorry for Simon Siegert if Adalo have held up his fixed version.

I think for the marketplace we need reviews, open responses from devs and an easy uninstall / refund option.

@Michael How come you aren’t selling this via the Adalo Marketplace?


@Rozza It’s not currently possible to do Buy One, Get One Free on the marketplace.
Right now if you buy any component on our site, you will get the Number Picker free until Friday (May 27th).

We are trying different experiments to see what Adalo Users like.
We are definitely open to feedback.


thanks dear, just purchased the component and will test it once available in my account

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I got it yesterday and tested in my App, it is working well
but it has a small issue on Android, the number label is not showing properly so you have to increase the height of the component a lot in order to keep the number visible

and also it would be better if they add the ability to get the counter number from other components, since currently you can get it only when firing an action on the counter component it self.

You are talking about our component at, right?
If so, thanks for the suggestions.
I’ll check out the bug you mentioned with Android and also look into adding making the number available to other components.

yes the “Number Picker” from store
thanks a lot and keep up the good work

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