Sound when new message is sent

Can I make a sound when a new message is sent?

Hi @firozkhanuk1214_01,

For the sender right? Like John sends a message and then he hear a sound and it goes and he can hear it again and again when sending messages.

You can setup that like here! : How to add sound effects to your Adalo mobile app - YouTube ( Made by @Flawless )

Thank you

I know that but I want one for when they get a message

Like when John sends a message, the other person hears the sound if the chat is open on their screen

Oh… I think you could do this with a countdown. Can’t test it due to a issue here and tagging my dude ( @Flawless ) that can and will help you!

Check out this video: Play audio on magic text (no audio in video, but I assure you it plays) on Vimeo

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Alright it’s a component from PragmaFlow?

The arbitrary javascript component, yeah. So you’ll need to code in the javascript that was used in the video but replace the audio file URL with your own.

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