New Message Indicator on Chats

Hi all. Has anyone figured out an efficient logic/workflow to show new message indicator?

I’ve replicated the workflow from the YouTube video titled ‘No-Code Chat Tutorial’, however, that method I find to be a bit inefficient due to there being a lot of items being added to the database.

Hi @mhmd,

Some time ago I did a video describing alternative method: Adalo hints: chat app enhancements - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you very much @Victor - this is amazing and certainly a more ideal way!

Suggestion: Maybe adjusting the YouTube video title will help others discover too. I had a look on YouTube too before posting on the forum and had skipped over the video.

Hi @mhmd,

My pleasure :slight_smile:

Reg. title - agree 100%. I’d say that all titles and descriptions for videos in my channel need some clean-up… hopefully I’ll find some time for this :sweat_smile:


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