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Is it possible to create a specific page with a form inside link to a user but sharable with the World ?


I want for each user in the app to have a specific page like

With a form inside. For user Alfred.

For user john


The enduser can go to the link and submit an email.the email is then added to the database but for the specific user.

No. There is currently no deep linking to specific pages. You need to look into Zapier integrations to have a form builder outside of Adalo and sync the data after a form is submitted. Airtable Forms could be an alternative as well.

@karimoo I am developing a web app, not a native app.

@Nocodep Hi Imad, unfortunately there is not difference.
See: Deep Links for Private/Public Pages in App

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Correct, we do not have this option at the time to do either deep linking or friendly routing.

Hello @ashley . Could you confirm that the URLs are manageable with external API? In fact, I want that a logged-in user can share a page with the rest of the world, the page contains a form with a submit button. I want the logged-in user to be able to choose a specific url like myapp.com/luc or myapp.com/john instead of the original adalo URL.

As of this time we do not have that ability to set those types of specific urls (we call them friendly routing). I heard through the vine that with our component marketplace there will be the release of a friendly routing redirect component, but I have not seen/used it as of yet and if it will give this fill ability you’re looking for.

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The Vine? Hope we will have something ready fast thanks for your answer

Wait is almost over - Tuesday August 4th is the big day!

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