10k users in a day

So I’m expecting about 10k users in about a week, (I’m working with some famous people) and I’m going to publish my app to the app store, this will probably be in a few weeks, (not now), someone please tell me if I should buy a new database or if adalo can handle it, and what I should expect and do when 10k people download my app in a day or a week, and if anyone can help me with this app please message me too! I am paying good money

should i switch to a specific app or switch to a program, not sure.

I love adalo but whats the point of building with adalo if it cant handle a certain amount of users

what answer did you find? i have a similar story

what database can be used, with photo and video content. so as not to overload adalo?

i submitted a support ticket looks like adalo database can handle it to a certain degree

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Any database suggestions?

If speed of data access is your primary goals, then noSQL databases are quick by design as there is no relationship between tables (collections), however, If you haven’t started the App yet, then i would consider other platforms such as Flutterflow that interacts with googles firebase, as Adalo does appear to be a bit on the slow side.

is this app already running? Is the download speed good?

Пн, 1 авг. 2022 г. в 18:36, Dev via Adalo <notifications@adalo.discoursemail.com>:

thinking about xano right now can it help my app with speeds?

yeah i can understand that too, my main focus is that my app is as fast and as smooth as possible so I think Im going to change to xano

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could you share your app is it possible I can see how fast it is?

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