Anyone tried the new stripe subscription?

Hi, my apps are heavily reliant on stripe subscriptions. I’m currently using the legacy component.

Has anyone used the new stripe subscription component? Does it work fine? What’s the difference between the two?

And if you have the subscription component and also add the one-time purchase component, does it still save the current subscriber’s credit card information?

thank you

Hey there @axme

Yes, I have. Works fine.

For starters, it looks better (I think the field labels and inputs look better to me). 2nd, it functions better (they fixed a few things).

Yes, because the user’s customer stripe ID is internally stored for the user. You cannot see this parameter in the database as it’s an internal record of Adalo’s.


Thank you! I gave it a try and it’s worth the change, everything works! :slight_smile:

  • Test mode works well for subscriptions on this one.
  • looks better and the subscription settings are way more clear (adding pics here so other people can see how it looks).

the only feedback is that the saved credit card info in the blue box is sometimes too big and does not fit well in different contexts

In case someone from Adalo sees this, I think the design could be better here: make the update card and stored card info less big, as it hides the other button

Where are you seeing this “Stop Subscription” button? I need to make a way for my users to cancel (if they want) once they start a subscription but when I test in test mode, that button is not visible.

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