SSL cert error on Custom Domain even after reseting SSL

My first post here, I seriously need guidance in this.
The problem is in the title, it´s been 24 hours since creating a few custom domains for my PWAs and I still get the SSL certification, I have resetted SSL certificates more times than I can count…
Any suggestions?


Thanks for your response!
What does ¨Have a mobile app for the process¨ mean?
Im running circles in my head trying to understand your solution.
Im new, not really that savy I guess.

Well mobile has nothing to do, it’s just a work around for making the SSL verification, i really don’t know how adalo achieve that, but i found that when doing on a mobile app it works immediately

ive been trying today without sucess

Its been 24 hours for me…
Literally losing business because of this.

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Hi Hugo,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Does the problem resolved for you too?

Thank you

It was def the bug. Problem solved.


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