Ssl its not working

Hello, the apps are not working well, now I want to upload a pwa and it is not secure, I update the ssl and I get this error

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Yes there’s a bug. Adalo team are working on this. Will post here once fixed

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thanks! same happening here

Hi Santiago,

Message form Adalo Support :

Hi Dilon,

Can you please try to reset your SSL Certificate right now and let me know if the issue persists?

You can do this by going to the top right Settings option > Domain > Reset SSL Certificate for the current domain you are facing this issue with.

Will be looking forward to your reply in case you are still seeing this issue happening!

One person said seems like it has been fixed.

Can you also confirm if it is working for you?

Thank you

Hello… I did it many times but it still appears as not sure. Is not working

Two persons said that it’s working again in their side. I think it’s working for everyone. You can Submit A Support Ticket and then Adalo Team can help you with this issue.

Hope it will be fix soon!

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