Https error insecure

Hwllo guys, i’ve made a web app and put the coustom domain, and i already have a lot, but this new domains, appear “insecure”


but they are sucessfully connect to adalo.


any idea?

Hi @AfonsoMarques,

Try after resetting the SSL Certificate.

See this post by Erick :

and Victor :

Thank you


Thanks, i Will try this and get back to this post

Please note that if the steps above didn’t work, do the following:

Have a mobile app for the process > connect the domain name to it > check if the SSL work fine (it will) > then remove the app from that domain > add the webapp the domain.

Please also these has to be done from the beginning, remove the DNS first, and re-add it

when you say remove DNS, what do you mean?

this is my config on my domain provider

but even in a “native App” appear the same error. i have a lot of domains set up, but this one i cant.

this problem is now resolved, as support tell me it was a bug.
Thanks everybody for the help

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