Status Bar Styling Stuck

Hi, the status bar styling on my project appears to be stuck on “show / white” across my entire app. It was working previously. Seems like this may be a bug. Has anyone come across a fix for this?

Also, any way to get rid of the white bar across the bottom on an XS Max with a full screen no-scroll page? Trying to get a background image to cover the entire space.

Hey sorry for the slow response here. Is this on a progressive web app on iOS? At the moment we don’t have too much control here, so we don’t have the ability to change the color of the status bar screen-by-screen. That’s probably why you’re just seeing it as white on every screen.

Hey Jeremy, this is just in the app pre-viewer on ios. Does status bar styling only work in a deployed app?

@jgreenwfc I’m sorry for the very slow response here. That’s correct, we currently don’t have a way of changing the status bar color on a screen-by-screen basis when using the progressive web app, so it’s always white. On live apps, however, it will update based on which screens you’re viewing.


@jeremy - that makes sense. It does appear to function as expected in a live app and in the previewer - just not when I access via my home screen link on my phone. Thought maybe I was missing something.

Thanks for the response, I’m sure other people will have this question as well.

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