Status Bar Text Color

Hey team! I have the status bar text set to black and it works in preview but not my PWA. Also, it looks like the PWA on iPhone X/XS is having spacing issues with the tab bar at the bottom. Would love your help!

I reported the same problem with the bottom bar here (White bar at the bottom on the screen - #7 by gertperdZA), but I have not received a response.

Until a month or two ago it worked properly.

Still no answer for this problem, and still PWA is unusable on iPhone. I hope it can be solved and that some author can give information about it.

@Ben can you help us with this please?

So I know this chain is a bit older but it is only on the PWA that the status bar will show up white. In the Previewer and the live app the status bar will be correct in displaying your settings! I hope this helps.

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