Store temporary variables

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to store temporary variables. I have buttons that generates an ID between 1 and 500 with he Rand function. This ID is stored in the User collection as a temporary variable that changes 10 times when the user presses buttons.

I would like to get all the 10 random values that the temporary ID has took to use them later in a list.

I can’t find a workaround, I thought of creating 10 other columns to store the 10 values and use the Text magic to replicate in those 10 columns the ID but the 10 columns would take the same value each time the ID is generated.

Any ideas on how to achieve this result ?

This could probably be achieved by using a collection specific for temp variables and attaching a relationship to the user (so you can filter by user). Then using some formulas to adjust which variable you are after.

There is also a feature request for this which you can upvote here:

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