Stripe Component tNot Working


So I have been using Adalo for over 8 months now and things have been pretty good so far. I have 2 apps sharing same database (one for clients, other for businesses to manage those clients). All good.

We decided to create a web app (like a dashboard) for businesses to access it from their desktop instead of using the mobile app. In one of our pages, we added a new Stripe Payment Component but for some reason, it is not working at all! (Live or Test Mode) - We keep getting this error message:

I am attaching a snapshot below, but here is the troubleshooting I did:

  1. Remove/Re-add the component
  2. Connect to Stripe Connect Account
  3. Play with all inputs (price, currency, email, description, etc)
  4. Submit ticket to Adalo and waiting on their response

I was hoping maybe someone else has experienced this and figured out a solution. I cannot seem to find any way to fix it and its delaying our progress big time.

Note: The Stripe Component in our other 2 mobile apps are working just fine.

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