Stripe Payment (Legacy) not connecting to Stripe

Hello everyone. I’m running into issues on my app when users are trying to pay for the services booked on the app and it turns out my Stripe Payment (Legacy) API hasn’t been linked or service is unavailable. This is weird as we’ve already connected this in the past but somehow it got delinked. My stripe account is in Live mode and there is nothing wrong on their end. Does anyone know what’s going on?

I’m attaching screenshots of the error and screenshots in editor of adalo.


You have to replace the legacy components with the new stripe components.

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Thank you so much for this information. You’re awesome! Say, do you provide consulting on app development? I’m looking for hire some help.

Yes, indeed, I do. :man_mage:

Here’s the info: Adalo Mentoring - Templar Design

Thanks. I’ll be in touch.

One last questions, my app is a marketplace and we also have payments as well as subscriptions so which Stripe component should I use between Stripe Connect, Stripe Payment and Stripe Marketplace on Adalo?

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