Stripe Express Not Working


I tried connecting my stripe connect to my stripe account for STRIPE EXPRESS. And it is not working. This picture comes up saying I need to enable standard accounts. With my app I am creating a marketplace that requires express accounts.

Is it possible to connect express accounts?

Hi, the solution is in the message, just go to your connect account, look for “Standard OAuth” and tun it on

The solution is not in the message. I want to onboard users using an express account, not a standard account.

Have you tried what is written in the message?

Yes… that just brings them to the onboarding of a STANDARD account. Not the EXPRESS onboarding. If I wanted them to create a standard account I would not be posting and asking for help.

Hey there @Justininacio

As far as I can tell, Stripe express is not compatible with the current Stripe integration as it requires the OAuth for integration and security.

Stripe express does contain OAuth though.

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Not according to their documentation

Here’s the link: Choose your account type | Stripe Documentation