STRIPE CONNECT, question on Adalo guide for "Set up Stripe Account for Stripe Connect"

IN SUMMARY: would the Adalo marketplace components for Stripe Connect won’t work if I were to answer some questions different than the Adalo guide?


I’m trying to start using the Adalo marketplace components for Stripe Connect and there is this Adalo guide for “Set up your Stripe Account for Stripe Connect”.

That Adalo guide is very explicit on the choices to make (within Stripe account/dashboard, when setting up Stripe Connect), so I’m wondering it it matters or impacts how the Adalo marketplace components behave if I selected different choices?

Reason I ask is because I had created a Stripe Connect account (ie. followed Adalo guide steps) before I starting using Adalo, and the choices are different (images below). I confirmed I can change them within Stripe dashboard to match the Adalo guide, but then answers won’t be that accurate. Also, if I change them, Stripe states “reset(ting) your platform profile responses. Your profile will need to be submitted and reviewed by our team again”, and I don’t want to risk not being approved again (and lose some sort of credit I got when I created the account).

Below images show the setting that I have different.

IN SUMMARY: would the Adalo marketplace components for Stripe Connect won’t work if I were to answer some questions different than the Adalo guide?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @msmurfitt , you seem very familiar with the Stripe Connect component. Any input much appreciated.

Hey, in somewhat familiar, unfortunately I’m away all this week, I can take a look when I’m back and see if I can help.
Can’t promise anything, and it might be an idea to exhaust other avenues in the meantime…

Thanks @msmurfitt . Here another really quick one. You know if the Stripe Connect component in Adalo is confirmed for a “ Express ” set up (i.e. not “Standard”)?

Here a related post: Stripe Marketplace Payments: Is it possible to use Stripe Express vs Stripe Standard? - #8 by sweetapp21

When I implemented the Stripe component and went through the setup in Stripe I used the Express option, seemed to do everything we wanted/needed.
If I were you, I’d read through the exhaustive, and often overwhelming quantity of, Stripe documentation on each of the methods, Express, Standard, Custom, to see which method fits your requirement.
Unfortunately this is only something you’ll be able to answer as you’re the only one who knows the true extent of what you’re trying to achieve and build.

So, grab yourself a coffee, get comfortable, and put some time aside to read through the enourmous amounts of Stripe documentation : )

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Thanks @msmurfitt
In particular for the suggestion to “grab coffee”
I had already put time into reading Stripe documentation so I do see what you mean.

The Adalo component (for Stripe Connect) is actually working for me know. But having another issue with one of the other Adalo components (for Stripe Marketplace) is giving me an error, in case you have any suggestion. It’s actually in this other forum post here

Well done on getting Stripe Connect setup correctly @sweetapp21!

I’m using Standard Connect but I don’t seem to be getting the Stripe Account ID written back to my Adalo database and I’m not sure why. Please could you help? Details here: Stripe: Once and for All

I responded on your other post you mentioned, here

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