Stripe Marketplace Payments: Is it possible to use Stripe Express vs Stripe Standard?

When signing up for Stripe, the “Express” version is much more user-friendly. Is it possible to use this version on Adalo or only “Standard” as it is now?

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I saw your post. Have you received an answer from anyone? I have a 2 sided app that would be best served with Express and I can’t even get stripe to respond. Let alone Adalo.

I have a marketplace sup up with express onboarding

How did you do this through adalo?

follow this steps for setting up stripe express

I have set up stripe express account, but it does not seem to work with the stripe connect component in adalo. This picture comes up when standard is disable.

Try enabling adding the options stated in the customer portal or setting and see how it goes

Hi @alexstockman this means the Stripe Connect component in Adalo is confirmed for a “Express” set up (i.e. not “Standard”)?

My setup is express, adalo is standard

@alexstockman thanks, however I’m still not sure if Adalo is (Stripe Connect) EXPRESS vs STANDARD.

I would think is Express as I got response from Adalo Support (image/image below).

Now, using app Preview in Adalo, I realized Stripe gives me an error whenever I don’t have ‘Standard’ enabled in Strip (error in image below)

So… result of that error, I’m always forced to always have “Standard” ON in Stripe (image below). All that leads me to think Adalo is as you are saying, STANDARD (and not Express).

Since the Adalo component from Stripe Connect is working for me now, I’m not that concerned if it’s Standard or Express, but definitely would like or need to confirm, per the Stripe guide thing would change (e.g. who is handles refunds, etc).

Just two question:

  1. Could you please elaborate what do you mean by “setup is Express” and “Adalo is Standard”. Is that a different setup inside Stripe and another one in Adalo?

  2. The part that is still not working for me is The Adalo component for “Stripe Marketplace”. After entering the test credit card I’m getting an error (image below). Is that an error driven by Adalo or by Stripe (I’m not seeing any logs inside Stripe)? How to fix it?

Message ended up long.
Thanks for sure for any help or input.

@alexstockman Short version: What do you mean by my “setup is Express” and “Adalo is Standard”. You mean a different set up inside Stripe and another inside Adalo?

@sweetapp21 I’m having a similar problem, although not identical, I’m trying to do the same thing: Make a payment for a connected marketplace account.

On page load, in the console there is a 404 error (See screenshot below) where Adalo is trying to use the customer ID and connected stripe account ID. However, when this user

When I try and make a payment my red error in the UI reads “An error ocurred while trying to create a new payment. Contact Adalo Support”, which is slightly different to yours.

  1. I don’t know where Adalo is getting the customer ID from in the URL because when a connected accout is created, it doesn’t create a customer in Stripe.
  2. Have you had a look in your console to check for errors? Your error mentions that it cannot connect to stripe, the console may indicate where the problem is

@anon78309838 Are you able to advise on either of these issues please and this one too please RE getting the stripe account ID back following the Connect setup: Stripe: Once and for All