Delayed Stripe Payment


I’m comparing different nocode tools and I found Adalo.

The product that I’m working on let people borrow a product for free for 10 days, beyond this time limit, they’ll be charged to keep the product.

Here is the process that I thought about :
The user create his account and add his credit card information
Then he borrow the product by scanning the QR Code on it.
He can use freely the product for 10 days.
After theses 10 days, a fixed amount is payed with the user card and he can keep the product.

Can an adalo/stripe process be able to integrate this kind of delayed payment ?

Ps : Sorry if this post is unclear my english isn’t that good as I’m french !


Welcome Coconuts

Just about anything can be built. Others may have a more detailed answer for you.

Sounds like payment is tied to the time of scan.
You may want to check with Stripe. This may require some expertise or time to build.
You may find that: payment per month is easier (not sure)

Given that you wrote, “…process that I thought about”
You may want to test the idea, with a simpler solution, to make sure people want what you are building, so you know before investing the time / money.

Smart contracts will likely enable this in the near future, easily.

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