Stripe Identity Verification API: Build a working Sign-Up flow

For a specific (and time critical) app we are building right now, we need Stripe’s Identity Verification API to work with our app (user sign-up flow, returning users’ data, like real name and address back to an Adalo app). Can someone here build such a component for us or help to integrate Stripe’s API?

Happy to pay for your work of course. If so, please respond here to me or send me an email to jeanhoffman {at} mit edu.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Hi @Jean, You might like to check out the Experts page for some vetted Adalo experts who will be able to help you with this.

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Thanks @Colin! I see you are listed there yourself. Do you have expertise for this, writing a plugin/component for Stripe’s Identity API?

Thanks and best,

It is not something I have tried within Adalo. Unfortunately, I do not have capacity to take on that project right now even though it sounds like a fun challenge!

I hope you find an expert that can help you!

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