API for user address verification?

Has anyone connected an API verify a user’s address with a credit card or government ID? There are companies like Checkr, Experian, etc which offer this. My app requires user verification.

I was hoping to accomplish this using the Adalo Stripe component, when my user subscribes, but the Stripe component does not collect billing address.

When I login to the Stripe dashboard, under “Payments”, this is what I see. “No Address”. You can test it yourself by paying for something in your app using the Stripe component.

@Colin could I pay someone to edit or create a new Stripe component, or does this have to be Adalo generated? Should I instead look to a 3rd party API such as one of the above or the below?

Anyone can create their own Adalo components. All the info required can be found here: https://developers.adalo.com/docs/basics/introduction

You would need to hire a developer who is efficient in React and React Native.

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