Custom Component Development- Stripe with billing address

Hi fellow Adalites, Adalo-ers, Adalizens :grinning:

I’d like to hire an expert to develop a new Adalo Stripe component which receives the user’s billing address and utilizes the Stripe AVS (address verification service) to confirm that the billing address input into Adalo matches the billing address on file for the credit card. Basically this would be identical to the current Stripe component, with the addition of the billing address inputs.

Please DM me your rates and availability, thanks! If others are interested in using this component, perhaps we could share the cost. One of the main benefits would be a reduction in chargebacks and refunds, as its much more difficult to use stolen credit card numbers online without having the corresponding billing address.

@tdhi you could also post this here: as you may get some more eyes on it.

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