Stripe integration issues

Hey I’m wrapping up an app for art teachers and students. We are trying to set fees for both the students and teacher end (adding 10% of original lesson price for student, and subtracting 15% of original lesson price from teacher). Stripe is supposed to get 2.99% which I would like to come out of our netted 25%. For some reason my developer is having a hard time with this. Any suggestions?

This probably isn’t the answer you’ll want, but Stripe have a pretty good support system, I’d suggest that while you wait to see if you get a response here you also log it with Stripe and get one of their support guys on it (when I contacted them they were very quick).

Do they understand adalo integration though?

Hi David,

What you may need to do is take the payment into your own stripe account, let the payment process and come into your bank account and pay-out to the teachers, you can add 10% fee before the student pays within the app.

So what would happen is you would need to pay-out to each teacher individually, from your bank account to theirs, this is how other companies such as Uber work but it is more automated in the sense of pay-outs. They also pay you out from their own accounts first, this is something you will need to have extra cash for or wait till the payment processes to your bank account which takes 7 days and then pay-out to the teachers excluding the 15% fee you have.

This is what we have done for our app as we can keep hold of all the cash that is processed within the app and then pay-out to each person active on the app.

Do y’all have any automation system for handling those types of payments?

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