Stripe Payments issue

Ive built an app for artists and musicians to be able to teach lessons and sell their work locally, but for some reason the Stripe/Adalo interface is giving us trouble. The way we want the payments to work is this: 85% goes back to the teacher/artist, 15% goes to the app as a teacher fee. From that 15%, the app pays Stripes 2.99% fee. On the back end as a student of consumer there is a 10% fee to use the service. So to clarify again, we net about 22% after the 2.99% stripe fee that we pay. For some reason our algorithm isn’t working right though. When I make a $1.00 test sale as a teacher I’m only getting a $0.67 payout. Has anyone out there gone through this dance and could shed some light on a possible solution?

Hi David,

We have a similar system but the only part happening automatically is the fee added on to checkout, you can add a 10% fee to checkout to the price of the teacher and you receive the pay-out to your stripe and then have a pay-out system to teachers where you keep 10% + 15% of the total and transfer the rest to the teachers manually.

Also the reason why you are getting $0.67 is because stripe charges 2.99% + 30 cents per transaction.

Hope this helps, thanks


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