Stripe Subscriptions Error

I am trying to test out subscriptions in “test mode” and am getting an error (see below). I have been in touch with Adalo support for almost a month now and they have not solved the problem. I am 100% sure I am using the correct keys. I even got in touch with Stripe support and they said that they are not even seeing any data coming in to them, so it is on Adalo’s side. Anyone have any ideas or any luck with this?

Is this with the new stripe components or the old ones? I know with the old ones test mode didn’t work. You might want to temporarily set the price to a small amount and just test live mode instead.

This is for the new one. Adalo support deleted the old ones from my account and de-linked my Stripe from the old one too, to make sure there were still no conflicts. Still no luck. I will try with the live mode though.

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