Stripe subscription not working

I’m trying to add Stripe subscription to Adalo but it’s giving me an error
I know a similar issue has been posted here but I tried the solutions and non worked for me.

I did use the ID price_xxxxxxxx for a product that is on Test products
I am on test mode in both Adalo and Stripe
I inserted both test public and secret keys

sc 1

The cards are being created on Stripe (I can see them on the dashboard) but the subscription fails
In the console I found a call to that fails with error 500 with the unhelpful message Internal Server Error
I didn’t find any failed call in the Stripe Dashboard Logs so I don’t have any idea what the problem is

Any help would be appreciated.

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Please let me know the ID of your app so I may take a look. (It’s the long set of numbers and letters in the URL)

This is the ID

Hi @Colin,
Any news on what the issue is or how it could be fixed?

Thanks in advance

Any news Colin plz ? We are in the same team and this bug is blocking the project. Thanks.

i had this issue a month ago and it was the submit button processes not filled out right. try removing all other things the submit button does like links and creating things and see if that works!

thanks for the reply,
I tried the suggested solution, I removed the link to other screen from the submit button but unfortunately that didn’t work either, Do you know what else might be wrong?

Thanks again.