Stripe: No application matches the supplied client identifier

Right now, I am trying to create a platform where users can pay for a service and the platform can take a cut of that pay. I’ve set up the stripe account with all the appropriate keys and yet when I try to test as a user and click on the “connect with Stripe,” I end up being redirected to a page that only has the message: {“error”:{“message”:“No application matches the supplied client identifier”}}

Has anyone else had this problem and figured out how to fix it?


Hey! Apologies for the delay here. Did you ever end up getting this figured out? I’ve not seen this error before.

You’re trying to use the Stripe Connect component correct?
Have you tried it from the live app url and not from the preview inside of Adalo? Is it still happening over there as well?

Yes, unfortunately, even in the live version it’ll still take me to the same page. It’s rather strange because I have sent money to myself through my app using stripe, it’s just that I can’t use the connect to Stripe function.


You have to make sure there is absolutely no extra spaces anywhere. Sometimes when you paste the Client Key it can generate an extra space. Make sure to remove and it should work.