Stripe components not working!


I have a couple of questions!
1 - How I can disconnect stripe accounts? (I need to change to my test account)
2 - On the 3 steps to setting up Merchant Payment
1Step - When I set up my account didn’t show my all these options ( Is that normal?
2Step - When the user try connect to stripe account give me this error - {“error”:{“message”:“No application matches the supplied client identifier”}} - This user needs to be a valid email with strip account?

My Idea is to do an app for small businesses! They connect to there strip account and I get a % of each payment. Can you guys help me with this!

Thank you in advance!

  1. As of right now, there is no way to disconnect the link. You may have to delete the component and add it again.

  2. Step 1
    Some options might not be there for everyone based on your country and other variables wihtin your account. some can be manually added too. There is great help articles on those points on the stripe website.

  3. Step 2
    Yes the email must be a valid email address registered with stripe.

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Hello Colin

Thank you very much for your answers.

  1. I tried delete and add it again but its doesn’t disconnect.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Regarding the Step 2 I tried with a valid email the same email as a stripe account and I got the same erro {“error”:{“message”:“No application matches the supplied client identifier”}}.

I think I am doing something wrong and I dont know what!

Well I will looking for some help online!

Thank you

Sopmac I am running into the same issue. I get the message {“error”:{“message”:“No application matches the supplied client identifier”}} when clicking on the Stripe Connect button. I am pretty sure that I hooked up everything correctly. I am researching why. If I come up with a solution I will make sure to share

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Actually figured it out! You have to make sure there is absolutely no extra spaces anywhere. Sometimes when you paste the Client Key it can generate an extra space. Make sure to remove and it should work.


Thanks @maxmaxwell for sharing your solution!

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Hello @maxmaxwell

Thank you very much for you solution, that’s fixed my problem too.



Any Idea about this error! I still can’t make the stripe component work. That some erro appear when I try connect to the Merchants account!

Can you help me?

Hi, I cannot add the Strip Payment component to my app. Can someone please explain to me how to add it because it is not showing up. Thank you

Can you share a screenshot or video of what is happening when you add the stripe component to your app?


Here is a video

Hello @Colin

For some reason the error doesn’t show up anymore! But the component does not work correctly.
I got the connected account (Fernando Welter Patissier)

I also got the customers of a Payments I did

But there is no payment transactions on Fernando Welter Patissier account and there is no Collected fees on my account!

I am not sure what I am doing wrong!

@maxmaxwell did you app working fine with the component?


@Sopmac could you share a screenshot of the sidepanel showing the setup of your stripe component. (of course please hide any personal info from there).

Hello @Colin

Here is the screenshot of the stripe connect, Merchants collection and the Stripe Payment


Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 14.48.53 Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 14.51.55 Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 14.52.21 Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 14.52.27
Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 15.19.48

Hello any idea about this problem.


@Sopmac just saw your question. I hadn’t Checked the payments. But you are correct @soomac the full payment remains with me.

I’ll be doing some digging around, but @Colin maybe you already found a solution?

Thanks @maxmaxwell I will see what I can find. @Colin Any idea?

@Sopmac and @Colin what I have been able to identify as a possible issue is that is not saving the “STRIPE ACCOUNT ID” for the merchant on the Merchant Table. At least when I look at that portion the field is completely empty. I have tried to copy/paste the Account ID that I can see on Stripe directly to the table but that doesn’t work. Then again maybe that is not what is causing the issue.
Did you “STRIPE ACCOUNT ID” fields on merchant table populate @Sopmac after your merchants connected their stripe account?

Hello @maxmaxwell No I can’t get the STRIPE ACCOUNT ID on my merchants collection.

But I try copy and past the “STRIPE ACCOUNT ID” from the client account and that is not working, O the Dashboard of stipe I got the Customer who paid, but not the transaction. That is the strange thing too!

Hello @Colin

I can’t progress on my project because of this error, can you please help me out here?