Urgent: "Client Stripe ID" does not register

Hello, I need to create a marketplace, but the “Stripe Client ID” is not registering. The identifier is erased (disappears) when I am no longer in the component. Consequence: it is impossible to connect the merchant to stripe: {“error”:{“message”:“No application matches the supplied client identifier”}}. My problem is not related to the space left. I found several similar problems on the forum, but no solution.

@dilon_perera , @David , Do you have a solution ? my Id stripe does not register. It’s normal ?

Hi @Jonathan10,

Not a experienced maker with Stripe :slightly_smiling_face: And you will get a reply for the ticket that you submitted soon! By the way Daniel ( @danielcosta ) , Jessi ( @Jessi.Frye ) , CX Team ( @Adalo_CXTeam ) are you guys able to help here? ( sorry for tagging you guys ) :upside_down_face: Axel ( @axme ) are you facing this same issue?

Thank you

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Hi @Jonathan10 ,

Just checking: in the field of your screenshot you need to paste your Stripe Client ID which you can find here: Allow Merchants to Connect their Stripe Account to your App - Adalo Resources.

…that said: I did notice that the connection to Stripe does not always work, I still got some errors sometimes where a user connects to stripe and the stripe account ID does not arrive to adalo.

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No, my problem does not come from the ID tripe. When I copy the Stripe id and paste it into Adalo, it clears and I end up without an id when I go back to component

then it’s probably a bug on adalo bug I think…

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The solution: change internet browser (Safari solved my problem)

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