Stripe Payment - Only successful IF


Is there a way to add a condition onto the Stripe payment component? In my case I only want a payment to be successful if there is enough stock / availability of a product. So, only if the remaining quantity is equal to or larger than the selected quantity will the payment be successful.


Why you don’t add a step behind, when you temp reduce stock until the purchase is finalized? If purchase is not finalized you just put the stock back in? Using IF condition at payment time is dangerous if you have a lot of traffic and multiple requests at same time. Can create a lot of “fake” purchases.

I’ve actually planned to set this up already for the majority of the items that my app will sell. For these orders the stock reduces when a user adds the items to their cart. If the purchase is not complete within xx minutes Integromat deletes the order item and returns the stock count.

With regards to my first post it’s an item that will have a limited capacity and a lot of users trying to purchase it at the same time. For that reason I didn’t want to let anyone keep it in their cart without paying for it.

My main concern though is exactly what you’ve mentioned - over orders or fake purchases if Adalo doesn’t keep up with the constant updating, API calls etc.

I’ve already had to remove the + and - quantity selectors as if a user presses them too quickly the quantity and price don’t match up.

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