Stripe Payment to me then to user

Unless there’s a much faster way to set up payments with Stripe other than having users put in their bank account info, I’ll need to find another route. I’ve built a marketplace app, but can’t see users taking the time to put in their banking information.

Is there a way to have all payments go to the business account & then I payout the users once their order is complete?

I appreciate any tips! Thanks!

Yes, use the component called Stripe Payment instead of Stripe Connect. The payment will go for your bank acount.

Right, but then I’m looking to payout the user.

Scenario: A user buys handyman service from another user. That money goes to the business account. Once the handyman service is complete I payout the service provider.

You can’t use stripe to send money directly, the user will need to give you his acount number and send directly from yours to them.

i no no better way, sorry

Similar to Uber & Lyft. I have a platform where various users do the service & and I want to pay them out. Instead of the “rider” paying them out. Possible?

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