Stripe Payments

I’m really confused how the Stripe Payments are supposed to work, because I followed the guide allowing Merchants to connect their Stripe accounts to sell things. However, if a payment is made to a Merchant WITHOUT their Stripe account connected, payments are still successful and go into MY Stripe account. The marketplace payments are directed to the Merchant’s Stripe account ID but even when this field is blank, payments are still successful.

All these pmts are successful with a blank Merchant account ID

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 9.53.44 AM


Is this in test mode?

@Colin Yes it was in test mode

I would need to look into it further (which may take some time) but my hunch is that because this is in test mode, certain leniencies are taking place and allowing the transaction to go through successfully. I am not sure if this is something from our side, or Stripe’s side at this point.

Sounds interesting, ill be giving this a go soon and would love to know the answer on this


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