Stripe Subscription component - no marketplace option - huh?

Wondering if anyone knows why there’s no marketplace option on the Stripe Subscription component?
It’s there on the Stripe Single Payment component…

This might be more of a support ticket than a forum question…

Hi Mark,

Do you mean it’s not showing up for you in the left side bar for marketplace components? It’s showing for me.


If it’s not showing I would suggest that you submit a support ticket.

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Hi @James_App_Maker
Apologies for not replying sooner.
Thanks for the help, what I’ve discovered is the Stripe subscription component doesn’t have the ‘marketplace’ option which means we can’t get paid…
I’ve seen that this component is listed as being worked on and is ‘in progress’, so for the time being I’ve removed the subscription component until such time as it’s up and running and am just using the ‘Stripe payment’ component


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