Is Stripe marketplace working for you?


I’m building a no-code template marketplace and I’m almost done…except for the stripe marketplace component:

I’m trying to get Stripe marketplace to work but I get an error message when a seller finishes the Stripe setup (in test mode). Has anyone had the same issue? Does the marketplace component only work in live mode? (that used to be the case in the legacy subscription component)

I’ve submitted a ticket and Adalo says they are looking into it but wanted to ask here in case it’s an error on my side.

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Axel,

I think you are not alone :sweat_smile:

Jimmy (@njimmy10) asked this question on our Community Leader’s Slack Channel and Jessi (@Jessi.Frye) from Adalo Team said that they are looking at that!

If I see a update from Jessi will update here!

Thank you

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Hey Guys! The team is still looking into the cause of this but it’s on the top of our list to get resolved. I will update in here as soon as I know more.


Status update?

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Hey @preptogether & @axme,

There are some security issues the team is working through that is taking more time than initially expected. We understand the urgency and it is one of our top priorities at the moment.

We will provide updates there as soon as we know more!



Thanks CX Team for the update!

P.S : I have edited the message because you have mentioned @pushingpandas for @preptogether :raised_hands:

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Thank you!

How’s this one coming? I haven’t tested, as I hadn’t heard anything. But just checking in to see if this was fixed and not followed up on this thread

I tested it yesterday and it was not working in test mode.


We understand your urgency for this to be resolved. Our team is working on the issue and hoping to have a resolution soon! Once the resolution is confirmed, we will update this post!

Thanks for the reply. Whoever the keyboard soldier is behind your account, I applaud you for not quitting nor losing your mind over the madness this week.

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I have received communication from our team that a release was made to the platform that should address this issue and resolve it for you.

If you still experience the same issue again, please let us know asap so that I may escalate that to the team immediately.


Hi I still could not get it working

In my case, everything is working but as per stripe support & error message we need to pass the customer name & address because I’m already passing the data in the description but it’s not working.

Error →

As per logs & guided by stripe team they mentioned to me that you need to pass the data here →

Support chat response →


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