Stripe Subscription Component

I was hoping that I could get some feedback on using the Stripe Subscription Component.

  1. Does anyone have any expeirance with using the component process app subscriptions?
  2. What is your opinion of the component and how it works?
  3. Is it better to use an API call with stripe?
  4. Or is it better to simply use the Stripe Payment link feature?

If anyone has used it in their app and wouldn’t give me some insight as to the pro’s/ cons of using the component I would appreciate your input.
Thank you

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Just commenting to be kept in the loop.

Another potential option would be to simply create a link to an external web (stripe) site.

I’ve tried both options; the best and most effective has almost always been using an external link. You can then link either Make or Zapier to check when there is a new subscriber’s email and update that one in the Adalo DB to be isSubbed == True.

Yeah but when I try to do it is asks Zapier asks for a record ID to update and Im not sure what ID to use? What did you use?

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