Stripe test mode

Hi Guys. I can’t seem to set up the test mode for stripe.
I have my keys in there and the test mode button active but keep getting this error.

Thanks for the help.

Hey Rafael,

I had this error once too and then realised I was still using the live keys in the test mode section. The keys for test mode are completely different.

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Hi Colin, thanks for that.

I found a couple of things that might help users in the future.

Instead of going straight to the API page go to home instead and you will find your test key dropdown.

Furthermore, if you still are having an error in app try to delete and re-input the charge value. I believe if you copy the asset around without resetting the charge value it stops workings.

When you try you can use the cards on this page.


to add to this:
You need to go on the stripe component and turn “ON” the Stripe test

(took me a while to figure out where that was inside Adalo)

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