Stripe subscription

I am trying to add a stripe subscription for customers to pay a monthly subscription, and i have dragged the stripe subscription component onto a page, following that i went on to the stripe website and made an account with them, (put in all the business details and so on)
Now i am trying to do the test mode i have copied and pasted the test mode keys that they provide for test mode and i have also clicked connect on the stripe component in adalo and it is active….
But its not seem to be working in test mode it says error with the card details but i have tried a few different card numbers and get the same result, i am just trying to test it all out before it goes live but need to test it first before doing so… thanks!

hi, sounds like you were not using the stripe test card number?
use this credit card: 4242 4242 4242 4242 09/23 cvc :123

Hi @axme yes i have tried this, is it possible this it not working because my app is not live ?

Doesn’t matter if it’s live or not.

Did you create a stripe product and input the product ID in Adalo a stripe component?

hi yes ive tried this, is it possible you can go through the steps from step 1 to see if i have missed anything out, would really appreciate it thanks!

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