Stuck with pass data across screens

I’m stuck with the following:
I have a table where I keep all the many to many records for course data, students and dates.

1.- On one screen I make a query for each course to know the dates it has been given. Here the first doubt is: In the table I mentioned previusly . Since I register from many to many, the date of the course will be repeated for as many students as are registered in the same one, how can I make you bring me only one date instead of as many as students are registered?

2.- By date, I want to consult the people who have attended the course, this has already been done, but since I only bring the data from the list of the consultation, the information that I need to present does not appear in the result of the consultation.How can I bring these values ? in the screen mentioned in point 1, which is where I make the consultation, I don’t have them, because it is the result of the consultation of a combobox reflected in a simple list, how can I bring to the screen and not appear the values that I need to pass to present the results of the detail?

Many thanks for your help!!

Please help, I’ve tried everywhere to find the solution but I just can’t. Thank you!

I think you want to query the “Course” collection (not the “Asistencia” collection), no? I would just try changing your List so it’s a list of courses instead of Asistencias.

I’m not following what you’re trying to do here. Can you maybe post a Loom video and explain it? Hablo español si es mas facil…
Whatever results screen you’re drilling into as long as there’s a relationship back to the collection you’re trying to represent you should be able to get to it. The “Available Data” screen will show only the data passed directly to that page via the preceding form. The gotcha that might be getting you on this is if you have two screens linking to that same results page they would both need to be passing in the same data otherwise it will be unavailable. I would start by unlinking any other screens that might be passing data to that and build it from scratch. lmk

Thank you very much, here is the link to the video, thank you very much for your help.

The video :slight_smile:.

You can see :slight_smile:
The table I work o* n that is a lot to many.

  • The data on each screen
  • The how when a course has several people attending the course, I am presented many times with the date of the course since each date represents a student and what I would like is just one date
  • And finally, that I cannot pass the values of the true/false fields

Hi, I attach the video, any help would be appreciate !!!

@juanjoge hard from that video to understand what this app is intended to do. Like I mentioned above I believe your issue is that your list should be “Courses” rather than “Assistencia.”

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@grid7 Many thanks , fpr your advice!!!

Here´s the explanation with voice .

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Muchas, muchas gracias por tu consejo, aplicaré tus recomendaciones y volveré a comentar el resultado.