Submit Adalo App to Apple App store

I need someone with experience to submit my app to the Apple App store.
Someone that knows How to create a subscription template like this one .


I can totally help with these things.

You can shoot me an email if you’re still looking for help with the subject matter.

Yes. Sergei. It looks like we will need someone to complete these tasks. How much do you charge and what is your time zone ? We’re in Eastern Canadian time zone. Do you have experience with subscription with Google and Apple stores ? Thanks

Hello, my time zone +7 hours to yours, I’m in Europe.

I charge 5 hours of work for the successful Google Play submission (app version is approved and available in Play Store). Even if it’d take longer (for example queries to clarify between the developer and Google’s review team) you’ll pay only for 5 hours.

My rate is $15/hour.

I do have an experience making subscription-based content in Adalo, on the app level (depends on the country, there’s many ways to realize it). If you’re app is for Canada and/or US - Stripe is a simple solution.

Regarding the link you’ve attached to this task - I watched the video and it looks like a simple task to execute. If there’s more data or documentation regarding the topic - I’ll study it and apply it.

Hi Sergey,

My app is on the google play store but the subscription was not done properly by the Adalo Expert.
I need a subscription of $12 Can per month plan. a one year plan for $100 and a free trial of 7 days.
Do you know how to achieve that with Google and Apple ?
I also need the app submitted to the Apple store with the same subscription for that you need an Apple Id. the last Adalo Expert did not have one, which is why this process is taking forever.

I have no Android device to check my App and How it’s purchased. I use Apple devices.

The Drywall App is the App.


Sorry Sylvio, I won’t give out my own Apple ID and my own Apple developer account.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I can learn from documentation and execute it.

Regarding the same thing on iOS devices in App Store, I’m sure they have some kind of a similar documentation regarding the subscription payments.

Nevertheless, the best way is to fix subscriptions feature/function in Adalo itself and align it with G play and App Store.


How can you access my developer account if you don’t give me your Apple ID ?