Is there Apple / Google in-app subscriptions?

Idk if I’m just missing it or lost again. lol.

I saw the digital purchases component, but it stated non-subscription. I saw the Stripe component for subscriptions…

but is there a way to do subscriptions via Apple and Google with Adalo?

Hi Mark,

If I remember correctly, I think the subscriptions with Google and apple app stores is in beta and should come out soon. :slight_smile:


Thank you sir. Can’t wait!

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Do you know where you saw/heard about this? I’m in the developer mode and would be interested in trying it too.

I’m also VERY interested in this. Anything further on the topic?

From what I was told it’s in beta right now for Adalo. You’ll have to reach out personally via a support ticket to see if they’ll let you in beta.

But I believe it’s suppose to be out before the end of the year, but only speculation.

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