Action when pressing a button not working

I have this action setup when a button is pressed in my app:

So, I have subscriptions setup so if someones subscribes, a Subscriber record is made and related to the logged in user. I also have setup in Zapier if someone unsubscribes, a Unsubscriber record is created with a field which pulls he user’s email address from Stripe.

So if a user has subscribes, they get +1 Subscriber record against their account. If they unsubscribe, they get +1 Unsubscriber record via Zapier (not related but the logged in user’s email will be in the record as a text field.

So, when a user click the Manage Subscription button on their dashboard, I would like it to update the user’s Which Subscription property to “Unsubscribed” IF the amount of Subscriber record IS EQUAL TO the amount of Unsubscriber records. Even though I have the above logic matched (1 of each record for the same user) it is not carrying out the action, can anyone help?

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