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Hello! I have recently created a golf coaching app. I have the sign in/ login screen and then on the next screen I added the stripe subscription and set that up. I can’t figure out once someone subscribes, how they get to the next screen. If I add a button, people that don’t subscribe will be able to get to the next screen. Can someone walk me though how to either make a button visible to only subscribers or to transition to another screen after subscribing?


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You can add a link action to the next screen in the component’s After payment is successful… section! You’re using this one right?

Did I got you correctly?

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Yes! Then once someone has subscribed… then they exit out of the app and come back in there is a blue screen where the card info is and it says “you have subscribed” but there is no transition to get into the app.

You can do like this! Create a true/false property like Subscribed and in the stripe component you can add a update logged in user action that updates that property to true and you can add a button to that screen and make it visible as only visible when logged in user’s that property is true. In that button you can add a link action to the next screen. Try that and let me know!

That seems to let people that are logged in get to the next screen, but people can login without subscribing…

Means that first user has to signup or subscribe?

Currently they signup and then subscribe. Maybe I should change to where they subscribe first and then create a login/signup?

Current setup is good!

Now the issue is for you is that when user signup and didn’t subscribe and close the app and open again he/she directly goes to the home screen without subscribing right? You can create a redirect screen and make it as home screen and in there you can add a countdown that has two actions. First one is to the subscription screen that is when logged in user’s that true/false property is false and another link action to link to home screen when the user’s true/false property is true.

Is there a way to add a button that is only visible to subscribers?

Yes, first you need to update once the stripe payments goes through to update your user database with a true false property that the user has subscribed. Then you can add the button and change the visibility settings to only be visible if the logged in user has subscribed is true.

Check here :point_down:

Can you break down how to do this? I go to database, add collection and add t/f. Then I click the button I want to make visible/ non visible and I’m not sure what to do from there?

fyi: This won’t work long-term for you. After one month, the system might mark someone as subscribed even though they canceled their subscription.
You need to use something external to check if they are still paying.
In case it helps, check this resource.

Do you have an outside agency you would suggest?

This worked… but for 1 I have to manually mark who has subscribed under the database. How do I know who has and who hasn’t? Next when I click the button to go to the next page there isn’t any info there. It says “action can’t be completed”. I have linked it as well. Any other thoughts?

Yes, I have an agency and I run two Adalo based software companies! Buy & Sell your nocode templates, zapier, make, forum answers...

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